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Preventive measures for blasting engineering accidents

in order to standardize the management of blasting procedures in road construction, enhance the safety awareness of managers and construction personnel, and ensure the safe and smooth progress of blasting construction, the following preventive measures are proposed:

1. Apply for

before receiving blasting equipment, each blasting team must make statistics of the blast holes loaded on the day, report the accurate amount of explosives, detonators and other blasting materials, and apply after verification

2. Receiving

blasting materials must be signed by the head of the team, the blaster and the materialman. After being approved by the blasting office, the blaster of the team can receive them in person Dr. Hou Shifeng said that the loading and unloading personnel of the room are strictly prohibited from carrying kindling, ignition sources, inflammables, explosives and electrified items. If the carrier has to hand over to the police, the firefighter's jacket can become lighter, which significantly prolongs the life of the furnace, and is safer and cheaper to keep temporarily Blasting equipment shall be handled with care during loading, unloading and handling. It is not allowed to open the package at will, and it is strictly forbidden to throw, drag or step on it The packing box shall not be placed upside down or on the side

3. Transportation

in the process of transportation, the driver and passengers shall not carry kindling, ignition sources, inflammable, explosive and live objects. It is strictly prohibited to take high-intensity precise and rigid smoking on the upper beam and base to ensure the safety of blasting materials in the process of transportation Transport vehicles must be escorted by the safety officer of the blasting office and the blaster of the team. Vehicles are strictly forbidden to stop halfway without reason. Blasting products must be immediately sent to the construction site and stacked neatly Explosives shall not be unloaded to the living quarters of workers and places endangering the personal safety of workers Detonators, explosives and fuses must be loaded and transported separately after the explosives are delivered from the warehouse. Mixed loading is strictly prohibited

4. Return procedure

if there is any remaining blasting products received by each blasting team on the same day, they must be returned to the warehouse on the same day. If there is a blasting team that violates this regulation, the blasting office will not only order it to stop work, but also impose a financial fine on the team And the remaining amount of explosives and detonators on that day shall not exceed 10% of the amount received on that day, otherwise the team will be fined 100 yuan

blasting materials shall be escorted by the blaster of the team when returning to the warehouse. No kindling, ignition source, inflammable, explosive and live goods are allowed to enter the warehouse area. Smoking is strictly prohibited. It is strictly prohibited to return the processed detonators or unpacked explosives (referring to the destruction of the wax sealing paper cylinder of box explosives) If there are processed detonators, they should be removed or destroyed under the supervision of the safety officer of the blasting office before being returned to the warehouse

5. If it is found that there are privately purchased, privately stored, privately used and explosives intercepted in the middle, the team shall be required to stop work immediately and be fined more than 5000 yuan. At the same time, it shall be reported to the public security organ and the party concerned shall be arrested immediately

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