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The preview of the 10th China International Pharmaceutical exhibition and technical exchange meeting will be held at the end of the month

the 10th China International Pharmaceutical exhibition, hosted by the China Pharmaceutical International Exchange Center, will produce nylon parts faster than similar metal parts, and the technical exchange meeting will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 25 to 28, 2005. Over the past decade, China International Pharmaceutical exhibition has closely focused on the ongoing GMP certification of pharmaceutical enterprises in China, and has cooperated with the German Ministry of economy and technology, the German machinery manufacturing association, the Italian Association of API and pharmaceutical chemical manufacturers, and the Italian Association of manufacturers of non phthalates produced by automated machinery with good kink resistance, excellent weldability, transparency and flexibility The British pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery association, the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association and other overseas institutions have cooperated closely and invited enterprises from nearly 20 countries and regions, such as pharmaceutical equipment, packaging equipment and purification equipment, to participate in the exhibition in China, which has greatly promoted the GMP transformation of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises and the upgrading of pharmaceutical equipment

the China International Pharmaceutical exhibition has organized three GMP certification achievements exhibitions to show the phased achievements of China's GMP certification. The GMP certification results display of the 9th China International Pharmaceutical exhibition held last year showed the ten-year process and achievements of China's supervision and implementation of GMP with detailed data and real pictures

in order to better serve pharmaceutical enterprises and actively promote the implementation of GMP in other enterprises such as traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, medical gases and in vitro biological diagnostic reagents, the 10th China International Pharmaceutical exhibition will also organize a seminar on the international exhibition of pharmaceutical analytical technology and equipment to show advanced technology and equipment, and will also open a forum on safe food, Create a multi-level and high-level exchange platform for the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises

in 2001, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that "before June 30, 2004, the production of all pharmaceutical preparations and APIs in China must meet the requirements of GMP and obtain the" GMP certificate ", which undoubtedly injected a dose of cardiotonic into pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers, and countless opportunities are in full bloom in front of them. All people in this industry or who want to enter this industry are eager to try, ready to do a big job. Three years later, with the phased achievements of GMP certification on July 1st, 2004, the noisy market finally calmed down. If the high fever of GMP goes away, where will pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers go

the development of the pharmaceutical industry has driven the progress of the pharmaceutical equipment industry, and the enforcement of GMP has made the enthusiasm of pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers reach an unprecedented level. However, it is not difficult to find that although the variety of pharmaceutical machinery is basically complete, there are few products with high-tech content. Most pharmaceutical machinery produced by factories are low-level repetitive products that imitate each other, and they are far from the requirements of GMP specifications. The huge demand of the market, the low threshold of industry access and the lack of awareness of intellectual property rights have led to a surge of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, followed by a mixture of good and bad products, continued low prices, and thorough access to the "buyer's market", making producers miserable. With the phased achievements of GMP, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced elimination, merger and reorganization, and pharmaceutical equipment is bound to follow the same path

with the improvement of the market and the maturity of pharmaceutical enterprises, the workshop production that is eager for quick success and instant benefits is bound to be eliminated. Only by taking a long view, practicing internal skills hard, and understanding themselves and market needs can enterprises stand firm

to strengthen scientific research, improve technical level and keep abreast of international trends is the foundation of long-term development. Equipment suppliers should go deep into users and carry out equipment research and development in combination with GMP specifications. Solve the problems encountered by manufacturers as required, and truly serve users. Automation is a link that domestic pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers should pay attention to. With the promotion of PAT (process analytical technology) by FDA, detection and monitoring will also be the general trend. This momentum can also be seen from the high-profile participation of automation giants such as Siemens, Rockwell and ABB in the chinapharm exhibition last year

emphasizing details and strengthening services are the guarantee of development. Enterprises should refine their products according to user goals and their own characteristics, so as to achieve the convergence of product goals and strategic differentiation. In addition to products, domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises should give full play to their advantages and strengthen their strength in pre-sales and after-sales service. Pharmaceutical machinery enterprises should cooperate with some pharmaceutical design institutes and research institutes to participate in the new drug development and process improvement of pharmaceutical factories, and strengthen the regular maintenance of equipment and customer training, so as to win more customers

paying attention to the construction of laws and regulations and strengthening international exchanges are the driving force for the development of enterprises. After the phased achievements of GMP certification, the State Food and drug administration made it clear that even if we reach the GMP standard, we are still far from the cGMP standard formulated by the FDA. Compared with GMP in China, FDA emphasizes traceability and explicability and interprets the concepts of reliability and accuracy

pay attention to the cultivation of talents and create vitality for the development of enterprises. If the current equipment competition is still in the misunderstanding of price competition, the future must be talent competition. According to the development of these years, there will be a "fault" in China's subsequent R & D personnel. The reserve and cultivation of talents need the attention of manufacturers and scientific research institutes at the same time

actively participate in international exhibitions and lay a good atmosphere for enterprise development and exchange. Participating in international exhibitions is a favorable way for pharmaceutical equipment enterprises to develop exchange and sales. At the exhibition, there are many friends in the industry, who can observe products, discover new trends and communicate face-to-face with customers who are rarely seen at ordinary times. However, it is not a simple thing for enterprises to choose, participate in and finally achieve good results in the exhibition

first of all, exhibitors need to choose to participate in well-known exhibitions in the industry. A successful exhibition can gather the most influential manufacturers in the industry, display the most cutting-edge products and gather the highest popularity. Therefore, participating in high-grade exhibitions is also the promotion of the enterprise's own brand. A good exhibition also means excellent organization, participation of professional visitors and excellent hardware conditions, which can achieve the exhibition effect of multiple ordinary exhibitions at one time

secondly, unlike previous trade exhibitions, modern exhibitions pay more attention to the display of enterprises themselves and the communication with participants. Through participating in the exhibition, we can establish our own brand image, make friends with customers, and pave the market for the next step of product promotion. Therefore, the old-fashioned behavior of eager for quick success and instant benefit to participate in the exhibition in the sales mode is no longer suitable for modern exhibitions. This is particularly evident when participating in foreign exhibitions

in addition, enterprises need to pay attention to the layout of exhibition stands, the placement of equipment, the preparation of materials and the solution of language barriers when participating in the exhibition. We must realize that the crude way of setting up stalls has gone forever. This is an era when details determine success

third, the awareness of intellectual property protection needs to be strengthened. Many pharmaceutical machinery enterprises with leading research and development have lamented that visitors in the previous year will become competitors in the exhibition the next year. Strong imitation ability and speculation consciousness also make many foreign enterprises unwilling to bring the latest products to the domestic market for display. Therefore, scientific and technological innovation and patent protection must go hand in hand, so as to maximize the protection of enterprises' own interests and combat infringers

the exhibition is the participant and witness of the industry. In October this year, China pharm, a grand event in the pharmaceutical machinery industry, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Shencheng. New and old friends will gather together to savor and congratulate this stormy decade, and look forward to the coming of the next wonderful decade

with the phased achievements of GMP and the surging tide of drug price reduction, where will they go before they break? The development of the industry has pushed pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers to a crossroads. Perhaps our manufacturing industry is relatively low and there are few high-end products with independent intellectual property rights, but at the same time, we also see new equipment developed for the production characteristics of China's pharmaceutical industry and exported products to Southeast Asia

post "GMP" is not the arrival of a disaster moment, but the beginning of a new journey and the display of a new stage. We have no reason not to believe that the future of China's pharmaceutical machinery industry will be better

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