Preventive measures for the hottest roof accident

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Roof accident prevention measures

(I) roof accident prevention measures

1 Before the excavation construction of the mining face, the working procedures should be carefully prepared, the support mode of the working face should be correctly determined, and the roof should be effectively controlled. If the situation changes, the working procedures must be modified or safety measures must be supplemented in time

4. Because there is no end support, there are some fully mechanized mining faces that do not use end support. The support adopts the mixed support of single column, wood beam, shed covering and shed lifting. Measures to prevent end roof fall: ① strengthen end support, ensure one beam and four columns within 10m from the working face, and one beam and three columns within 10-20m. The lifting shed shall be erected along the working face, and the bent frame shall be lifted to hold the shed. Strictly follow the regulations to pull back the column, place the top and lay the berm. ② The air inlet and return tunnels are roofed and the roof is controlled. ③ When the roof pressure increases, increase the single column, increase the support strength, and then increase the thickness of the wood beam to ensure the roof support effect. ④ Strengthen the end support management, ensure the support effect of the single column, ensure that the supporting single column does not leak liquid, and replace the invalid column in time to avoid the common stress cracking problems in polycarbonate processing. ⑤ Strengthen the observation of end pressure, find that the pressure increases or the pressure comes from the periodic top, and strengthen the support in time to ensure that the support effect has developed rapidly at home and abroad in recent years

5. All underground personnel must always pay attention to the changes of the roof of the working face, especially the security inspectors should focus on checking the roof of the working face. When finding unsafe hidden dangers, they should immediately report to the mine dispatching room and the safety dispatching desk and take measures or order the shutdown and evacuation

6. Strengthening the maintenance and test of metal support, support and single hydraulic prop is the pressure generated by the wonderful method of generating stress in the material during the printing process. For the parameters of high-end models, we will systematically inform customers of the instructions for use. Daily monitoring will check and replace the failed beams and pillars in time to ensure that each one has good working performance

7. Strengthen project quality management, do a good job in quality standardization, and improve the rate of excellent products

8. Adhere to ground pressure observation and roof monitoring and analysis, master the law of roof activity, and take corresponding measures in time

9. When each coal mining team is layering in mining, it is necessary to study and master the initial pressure step distance and periodic pressure law, pay close attention to the initial pressure and periodic pressure omen, and take effective measures in advance to prevent large-scale roof fall of the working face and avoid major casualty accidents

10. Special measures must be formulated for the initial mining of the mining face, when it passes through old kilns, empty roadways, local fracture zones, faults, scouring zones, collapse columns, coal pillars, roof fall areas or supporting false roof mining

11. The support and pillar must be pulled in time in the mining face. When the control distance exceeds the operation specification and does not fall, the production shall be stopped and special safety technical measures shall be formulated for treatment

12. The roof management of the heading face shall strictly implement the system of "knocking on the side and asking for the top", and the empty roof operation is not allowed, and the working face must use temporary support

13. In case of geological structure, broken roof, high pressure, roadway opening, penetration, side opening and roof lifting, erection of shed lifting and other sporadic projects in the tunneling face, safety technical measures for roof management shall be formulated

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